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July 2020: 




September, 2020: Dr Lawrence Boise 

October, 2020: Dr Sarah Hill and Dr Astrid Margossian




 November 2020: Santhosh Balasubramanian and Dr Alana Welm




December 2020: Dr Julio Saez-Rodriguez and Dr Vinay Prasad




January 2021: Dr Patrick Bhola and Dr Scott Manalis


February 2021: Dr Ines Lose and Dr David Barbie




March 2021: Dr Diana Azzam and Dr Razelle Kurzrock




April 2021: Dr Peter Houghton and Dr Jean-Philippe Coppé




May 2021: Dr Rich Klinghoffer and Dr Berend Snijder




June 2021: Dr Gordon Mills and Dr Rosalie Sears