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The SfPM’s arose out of recognition of the unmet need in matching cancer patients to the therapies best suited for them. Through the use of functional assays, we hope to bridge the gap between patients and the treatments best suited for their cancer. This is possible through research, communication, and collaboration amongst our members and with outreach to the cancer therapy community as a whole. To further the mission, we offer our members the following exclusive benefits:

  • SfPM members in good standing (dues paid through Dec. 31, 2021) are eligible for self nominations in our monthly seminars
  • A members exclusive directory with information on research interests and home institutions to facilitate collaboration and networking. Create your unique profile within the membership portal.
  • Facilitate trainee placements in post-doc and industry settings by recognizing shared interests and partnerships
  • Communicate directly with other SfPM members and get visibility on your work throughout the community
  • Free registration for SfPM Annual Meetings and special conferences
  • Access to recorded virtual seminars along with contact information of speakers 
  • Post and search for jobs within this network of highly specialized talent
  • Share protocols, regulatory information, technologies and samples with other SfPM members
  • Many more ongoing benefits.

Applications for membership may be submitted at any time during the year. We look forward to having you onboard!





Figure 3 Multipronged precision medicine approach to rationally assembling combination regimens. Agents are selected on the basis of genetic and functional tests performed directly on the individual patient’s tumor sample and are combined with agents of known broad activity in the histology of the specific cancer being tested